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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 118: Great Northern Lager
"Super Crisp Lager" is what the label says.

Great Northern Lager

Pours a dark golden colour with a lot of small babbles. The head is fluffy and medium in size, and fades to a small fluffy head.

First Sip: Mild sweet malts, with small amounts of hops that linger on the back of the tongue for a short while. Mouth feel is medium, with a lot of carbonation tingle on the tongue.

My brother likes this and says it is a good session beer. He's right; This is another BBQ beer, good for a really hot day while you're waiting for the sausages to finish burning. I could certainly work my way through a six-pack on a Summer's day. It's not as much as a non-event as yesterday's brew, but I wouldn't call it Interesting or Memorable. It has anice beer burp.

HOWEVER, if you happen to be munching a really cheesey Farmhouse cheddar...

Super Crisp Lager
Great Northern Brewing Co., Cairns QLD.
4.2% alc/vol
330ml bottle

Great Northern Lager

Same again, sir? Yes, and bring the cheese.

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I love me a beer with small babbles too :P

It seems there is nothing that cheese can't make better, is it the bacon of cheese???


The cheese made a KFC meal interesting.

I need a CHEESE icon.

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