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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 117: Wahoo Kolsch
Wahoo Kolsch

Pours a crystal clear golden colour, with lots of bubbles. Large white head that fades quickly to a small head.

First sip: Sweet malt with honey flavours, with a very faint hops that fades away with the swallow. Mild carbonation tingle on the tongue that lasts longer than the hops. No after-taste to speak of. Mouth feel is thin, but not watery.

When I saw this was a Kolsch, I thought "It can't be a kolsch; it's not brewed in Cologne!" I was right. It's not a kolsch. I have drunk various Kolsch - Sion, Zunft, Kuppers, PJFruh (insert umlauts as required) - and this is NOT a kolsch. It's a sweet IPA. It's nice and quite drinkable, but it's not Memorable. The brewer needs to add a hint more hops. This is a BBQ beer, to cool yurself down on a hot summer's day.

ON THE OTHER HAND... if you happen to be nibbling on a very cheesy English Farmhouse cheddar, this beer goes down very well. The light sweet beer make the cheesey cheese cheeseier, and the cheese cuts right though the mild beeryness.

Gage Roads Wahoo
Gage Roads Brewing Company
4.6% alc/vol
330ml bottle

Wahoo Kolsch

Same again, Sir? Yes, but bring the cheese.

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For a chap in the middle of Nobeerlandia, you're doing rather well! :) Pleased to know you travel well prepared for any culinary eventualities that may arise :D

PS: I need to try that cheese, it looks wonderful.

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