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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Beer And Cheese
Beer And Cheese

I may be working away from home, but I do carry a few luxuries with me.

The cheese is an English farmhouse cheddar (bought from Woolies!) It is almost as cheesey as the Wookie Hole Cave Matured cheddar I bought on my UK trip. It does go well with beer, I can tell you.

Beer review to come.
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"Essential supplies". Not "Luxuries".

English farmhouse cheddar is one of those foods I really would have a hard time doing without. Especially with really fresh cherry tomatoes; I eat far too much of that combination.

I have to say, Moonshine is one of my 'up there' beers, Certainly nice on my palate, Haven't tried it with cheese, But I'd imagine that it'd go down a treat with a nice bitey chedder

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