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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Away from home
So here I am in that hell-hole called the Gold Coast, near Surfer's Paradise. I'm staying in a Resort in a suburb called "Miami." To call this a Resort is like calling Spud's Road House "Motel."

But the room is clean, and there is tea, and a kebab shop near-by.

I'm here for a week, but it's all work. Instead of beaches I see land fill and quarries.

Oh, and Julia Gillard has been dumped as Prime Minister. Kevin Rudd is prime minister. Again.

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The more things change... :)

Any proper beers in the tavern? If so, you're duty bound to quality check them for us :)


I'm in Queensland. It's XXXX or nothing.

Google maps seems to make it mostly look ok, but the lack of proper beer is a huge sin against civilized sensibilities. :D


I bought my own special beers.

"here comes the new boss, same as the old boss"

On the plus side: you're away from the rat race that is Sydney. I'd sure like to do some traveling.

You can tell you've crossed the boarder by the improvement in the road.

"Boarder?". You know they say that QLD beer is called XXXX because it's the only way banana benders can spell it? Now I'm worried that might be catching. :P

Anyway, the banana benders only have better roads to make up for NSW & VIC having better rail... at least in the olden times anyway.

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