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Den's Journal

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4464 "Bittern" at 90mph.

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The foreshortening from the approach is deceptive. You really get the "zoom" effect once the camera turns. Swish!

That is pretty cool! It didn't really seem all that noisy either (compared to the original HST noise, which was like a wailing banshee), although obviously that's hard to judge from a video. I've never seen a steam engine going fast except in films/videos.

Apparently it's the 75th anniversary of 'Mallard' steam locomotive speed record (126mph) which still stands... Unfortunately it doesn't seem like they are going to try to break it as part of the anniversary events. :) http://www.nrm.org.uk/PlanaVisit/Events/mallard75.aspx

Woo Hoo! I'd love to ride on that.

Fabulous -- and I hope the three public runs will go as well, especially given the prices the passengers will have paid! I've never seen a steam train pass at more than about 40-50 mph (Tornado a couple of years ago) so what one at twice that speed must be like I don't know. But I did read a piece (offline only, I'm afraid) by someone old enough to remember A4s in regular service, and he said the sound was just as he remembered.

My goodness! Is that an actual Mallard? I mean the real deal? I had no idea there was one preserved in operational order. :o

Tch! Built over half a century ago and still faster than any train we've ever had here!

I would love to see another attempt like the new Peppercorn: Build an A4 using modern materials. Or even a 3800 class.

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