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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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On the road again
Photos, art
Richmond to Lithgow on the Bells Line Of Road. 1 frame per second time lapse - 90minutes of driving in 4:40 minutes.

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Fun video :)

Nice enough drive, save for all the lunatics driving on the wrong side of the road :P


Left is right. Right is wrong.

Left is right. Up is down. In is out! Everything is wrong in Australia!

That's what I thought when I arrived at Los Angeles airport and looked outside. :). :P

I love the way the video keeps getting faster and faster. :)

That was me driving faster 8)

Batty: Speed demon!

I think you would have passed the Zigzag hotel on the right at 4:16 (assuming it's still there).

All right, I need to figure out a way to video my commute.

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