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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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And so ends my first week in Sydney
Didn't enjoy it much. The commute from Richmond to Seven Hills takes 50 minutes at <40kph on most days. The distance is less than Dubbo to Wellington but takes longer. I use a back road that takes me through Vinyard, Riverstone, Schofields, Quakers Hill, and Marayong; minor suburbs that are more like small villages surrounded by the city.

Traffic, Crowds, Pollution, high rent, higher cost of living. All the things I missed about Sydney that makes me really want to move back.

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Wait, did you move, or are you just working there for a while?

Living there for an extended period. All my stuff is still in Dubbo

Between Newcastle and Wollongong there's a place called "Sydney!"


My sincere sympathy; I don't live here by choice myself either.

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