Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Our Oz

After much discussion in IRC, the current division of Australia is:

All the green bit is mine. There will be no arguments.

Victoria is divided between ngarawyrd and azhreia Az get Melbourne because she lives there.

lonita gets the area marked Pangea, as well as the gold coast because that's where the Indy race is. She really only wanted Uluru, but all the NT is cool. Except for the bit with Darwin. She didn't want that and I don't blame her. Visitors are no longer permitted to walk on Uluru.

I actually gave up a bit of NE New DeWhitton for trede.

dharawal owns Teddymania and all the islands of Bass Strait.

moonrose requested somewhere warm as a winter retreat. She gets Cairns because she has a militia.

charles gets all of Sydney and Newcastle. he promises to make the trains run on time. the Great Fishy Reef is also under his control.

Kyreeth isn't an LJer, but he's cool so he gets the rest of Not South Australia and Brisbane. Club from IRC wanted Adelaide, so she gets it, as well as the Whitsunday Islands as a reward.

ALL bogans will live in the ACT, so no change there.

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