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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Hmm. Do I visit Mr Bilbo, or...

The Green Dragon

Steak & Ale Pie and a mug of South Farthing Stout, in the Green Dragon.

The Green Dragon

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... but very pleased for you.

Are you now allowed to post the pics of Hobbiton? It looks a bit more organised since I was there.

And a lot dryer.

I have many photos to post! After LOTR they were contratually bound to dismantle Hobbiton, but for The Hobbit the company had it added to the contract that they could keep Hobbiton and run tours.

Oh, as do I, but when we saw it two years ago, we were obliged to sign a non-disclosure form that said we weren't allowed to post the pics up.

I suppose Back Then it was in an as-yet unseen movie.

I've heard of Steak and Kidney Pie, but what's a Steak and Ale Pie? I can't say that having a mug of ale with it is redundant, because for hobbits it wouldn't be. But that looks like rather a hobbit-sized pie... assuming the hobbit isn't very hungry...

Steak & Ale is where they use a dark beer in with the water in the meat gravy. The alcohol cooks out but the beer taste remains.

Looks lovely!
One day I will vist... sigh.

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