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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Ugh. Starving Animal dreams last night. They were birds this time, not small mammals in cages. The birds were all raptors - falcons, kestrels, and a few owls. I really hate that dream.

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One of the unfortunate classics. For me it's usually reptiles for some reason...or uncleaned fish tanks. Hate that one worse than any of the others.

Much sympathy. Especially for the raptors.
I remember flying my uncle's* Kestrel on the Bristol Downs. The sounds they make when they are hungry are not nice.
Bird wasn't starved, but you hunt them hungry.

*Such an old friend of the family he may as well have been kin.

I know it's asking the obvious, but could any recent events, experiences or thoughts have brought on these dreams?

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