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Den's Journal

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UK Trip Day 9 part 3
Photos, art
And so after Bletchley, I took young Aaron to look at some older technology

Grand Union Canal, near Blisworth
Grand Union Canal

North end of the Blisworth Tunnel. The tunnel is 2.8km long. The light you see in the photo is from a narrow boat coming through.
Grand Union Canal

Grand Union Canal

Grand Union canal at Stoke Bruerne, South of the Blisworth Tunnel.
Grand Union Canal

Quite a few of these narrow boats are privately owned, and are like ling, narrow caravans. Ultimately I would like to have a holiday for a few weeks on one, travelling at 4mph. I hear Google is doing a Canal View for Googlemaps. Which is nice.
Grand Union Canal

Lock 2 on the Stoke Bruerne flight of 7 locks that drop the boats into a valley
Grand Union Canal

Lock gates.
Grand Union Canal
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My friend anarchist_nomad, an American-born astrophysicist now at Oxford, has a friend who has one of those canal boats, and he and his lady have taken several vacations ("holidays") along the canals. They love it - and it does seem like a very relaxing way to see the countryside.

I've been on two canalboat holidays, but only when I was very little! Not since. Definitely like canals, though. (Also, even though I was little, I still remember that the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct was amazing.)

My impression is that when you're an adult, canalboat holidays are probably sort of like an extremely slow pub crawl. So I can see why it might appeal to you... :)

Slow pub crawls are the best kind. 8)

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