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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Road Trip
I have to go to Sydney tomorrow for the rest of the week. I'll be living in a motel in St Mary's and attending the TAFE to get training in Safety Ofiicering.

Not looking forward to this.

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Western Sydney TAFE? The Werrington campus or the Blacktown one? Because if you're at Werrington, you might as well stay in Penrith than St Mary's. St Mary's is a dump (or it was for many years and I see no reason for that to have changed).

It's not actually TAFE; it's some private training group in Queen St, St Mary's.

Dont worry itll be a 30 minute course stretched out over 4 days.

5 days, actually. Wed, Thurs, Friday this week, Thurs, Friday next week.


You're not the only one getting tortured by training this week - I'm getting put through the course on our cheap Chinese crap.


Are the Waratah carriages that bad?

Not enthused so far. Just sneeze and the simulator crashes!

Is that the simulator at Petersham? I have *GOT* to see that simulator... Do they have open days?

They've got a couple of train sims (S, Tangara, Waratah) at Petersham, plus a Waratah sim in a trailer.

No, they don't have open days.

Damn. I'd really like to see how well or badly I could drive a Cityrail train. The only train I've ever driven was a 70 class, unless you would count my brother's motorised fettlers' vehicles. Aside from that I've been guided through the operation of the brakes on the XPT while it was parked.

I've only had the guards practice drives on S and T sets.

(IMHO S Sets are relics.)

Yeah, I know about the requirement for the guard to get the train to the nearest station in the event of an emergency.

Any ambition to become a full driver?

You might as well ask if I want to do work! :P


I would have thought a wolfox to be more of a workaholic than a foxaroo. Kangaroos are a lazy species.

How about the greed motivation? Extra $!

The difference in pay is pretty small. $4/hr extra to drive, but shorter shifts and less overtime.

Any chance of catching up with you for dinner during the week?

There is a high likelyhood! It will have to be Thursday; I head back to Dubbo on Friday and I have a lot of paperwork to get through Wednesday night.

I have the car so email me your address and I'll head over.

I can teach you in a paragraph - If it's something you wouldn't even dream of doing yourself that way, it probably isn't safe for them either.

Jacks alone aren't enough, but jackstands are a trick when the truck weighs 100 Tons. Not to mention the tire itself can fall over and crush you when they weigh that much, you need a crane and sling just to change a flat.

And you don't want to go the other way and have them using Foundry Suits to light the charcoal in the barby. Overkill a bunch and often, and they start ignoring all the rules.

The hard part is making sure the safety solutions are enough when the problems aren't even in the books. Uncharted territory can be fun and terrifying at the same time.

As an Electrician I hit that one all the time - it isn't in the regular NEC Codes, and it isn't in any of the specialty sections in the back (Projection rooms, Standby Generators, etc.) either. So you think through all the ways it can fail, and make sure it does so safely.

It's grounded, bonded, protected from physical damage, has a way to kill all energy sources Lock-out/Tag-out, air shutoff and vent valves, etc. Okay, my work here is done.

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