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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Writer's Block: Top This
Build your perfect pizza for us. Thick or thin crust, red or white sauce, the sky's the limit on toppings -- what makes your mouth water most when picking up a slice? What abomination of a topping will never grace your pizza, even though you see others enjoying it?

Pepperoni, cheese, pepperoni, and cheese. On a thin crust.

The pepperoni has to be mild. The cheese has to be a cave-matured cheddar from Wookey Hole, grated thick all over the pizza.

Ooooh I miss that cheese. I go to the local supermarkets and look at the selection of cheeses, and feel a sense of disappointment. Even the stilton doesn't get me going.

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Ah, someone else who appreciates the combination of cheddar cheese and pepperoni. I thought I was the only one. Your choice of pizzas shows excellent taste. :)

When we finally meet, we shall chedd it up big time. 8)

And it shall be glorious.

Seriously, I make a cheddar and pepperoni pannini that is out of this world.

Drool Dah-roo-el!

If you ever get to the UK, you *must* go to Wookey or Cheddar and buy some cave-matured cheese.

I've been, but only to London & environs. I have had the good stuff though, you can get it from a good cheesemonger in London. It's nothing like what we Americans think of as cheddar; it's SO MUCH BETTER.

I love artisinal cheeses. I could never be vegan, I can't give up cheese.

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