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Den's Journal

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UK Trip Day 2
Photos, art
Forgot to post these photos of owls at the Shuttleworth Raptor Centre

Peregrine Falcon
Shuttleworth Raptor Centre.

Shuttleworth Raptor Centre.

Shuttleworth Raptor Centre.

Barn owl
Shuttleworth Raptor Centre.

Snowy owl
Shuttleworth Raptor Centre.

Shuttleworth Raptor Centre.

An owl that would take over the world if she could get through that wire.
Shuttleworth Raptor Centre.
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Peregrine falcons are such pretty birds. So elegant.

(Deleted comment)
I don't know. He was fluffed up because it was a very cold day.

I've taken a look at a webpage helping to identify European owls. #2 looks to me like either a long-eared owl or an eagle owl (the feather ears and face pretty much rule out anything else). The former is 35-37cm long and has a wing span of 84-95 cm, about the size of a barn owl. The latter about double the size at a length of 60-75cm and a wingspan of 160-170 cm and does not live in England in the wild. Does that help?

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I shall have to show these to a co-worker. She adores owls!

I do believe that owl's jimmies are rustled!

That second owl looks...displeased.

That's a beautiful peregrine.

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