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Den's Journal

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Spotted tailed Quoll

Photo by Sonya Stanvic

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They're great critters. Don't really get them where I am (Melbourne), so they don't come into care, but I've had a bit to do with them via Mt Rothwell.

Great little personalities (sometimes that personality is thinking MUST KILL EVERY SINGLE LIVING THING ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH, particularly when they're getting flea treated, but great nonetheless...)

They aren't in this area (Dubbo)at all. You can find them a little further east but it's either too hot or too dry here.

I've just looked up their distribution on Wikipedia, and the map shows them all down the east coast. Is that correct? I thought they were concentrated in Queensland?

That's right! They should be in Tassie too.

Yes they were.

I've never actually seen one, not even in a zoo or wildlife park. Am I likely to bump into one in the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, Central Coast or North Coast and if I do are they dangerous to people? I try to show wildlife the respect they deserve, IE keep my distance if they're not initiated with humans and even then handle with care.

Certainly not dangerous to people, unless those people are picking them up or prodding them for some reason (I return to the flea-treatment scenario...) in which case they're whirling spitting projectile-poohing balls of furry chainsaw doom. Give them a bit of space and they're fine - they're even quite playful if they've been in captivity at all and are accustomed to humans.

They're quite shy, scarce and nocturnal, and in most places they've been almost exterminated by foxes and cats. Loads more in Tassie than on the mainland. I've never seen one in the wild, hope you have better luck than me!


I wont be looking for them specifically, since as you say they're very scarce, but after having ring-tailed possums mistake my legs for the base of a tree I'm cautious around marsupial tree dwellers. :)

Too Cute!

I enjoyed your trip commentary.

...and now the PHOTOS!

I have a lot to go through.

Edited at 2012-05-08 09:25 pm (UTC)

Anything like a blast-ended srkewt?

That cute little pink nose grows up to this

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