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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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And back again
That was a very long flight.

Took off from Heathrow at 10.30pm Thursday night, landed at Sydney at 5am Saturday. I didn't really sleep - I sort of drowsed in an awake-but-can't-open-eyes way.

I had a light snooze this afternoon, and now I am looking for something easy to cook for dinner.

I'm wrecked, but I regret nothing! I didn't want to come home.
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Sometimes I wonder if, despite the risk of icebergs, travel by ship doesn't make more sense for intercontinental trips simply because one avoids the jetlag wreckage.

Travel by ship *is* the holiday! I've had friends say the plane trip was the best part of their holiday and all I could think was "wow. Your holiday was boring."

Travel by Premium Economy is so much better than cattle-class. It's worth the extra expense.

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