Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Day 24 - SCIENCE!

We headed into London again to visit Madam Tussaud's, (I swear the bloke doing the in-train station announcements is Rowley Birkin)but the queue went halfway up the block and way beyond the sign that said "Queue is 2 hours from this point." So we hit the Science Museum.


Steam engines, steam locos, old cars, old planes, racks of historic plane engines, old computers, a Jaquard loom, the Apollo 10 command module, a collection of 18th century brass instruments, old telescopes, an orrery and a working model of Babbages difference engine (squee!). And so, so much more.

We spent HOURS in there.

And so, well SCIENCED, we wandered through Hyde Park and Green Park in the warm afternon before catching the tube to Kings Cross, and back to Huntingdon.

I do love traveling at 120mph.
Tags: travel, trip, uk

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