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Day 22 - Flag Fen, Ramsey

Yesterday was wet and miserable, so we had a Day In. I washed clothes and just generally farted about. Late in the afternoon we went to the movies. Sheena & I saw the Aardman animated PIRATES! (An adventure with SCIENTISTS!) and laughed a lot. Aaron saw Avengers and was really impressed.

Today was wet and miserable. I thought "Bugger this, let's go out." Sheena & I went to Flag Fen to take in some ancient culture. The rain bucketed the wind blew. The attendants at Flag Fen were astonished when we walked into the visitor center. I am in England and I am going to TOUR, and SEE THE SIGHTS, dammit! The weather is doing its best to discourage me and I WILL NOT BE DISCOURAGED! No matter how damp I get from this crap English weather.

Flag Fen is an interesting site; a waterlogged fen where ancient wooden objects were preserved, and which was a significant site where people offered precious objects to the waters. Archaeologists have built a bronze-age round-house (damp, cold) and an iron-age house (dry, not as cold.) We wandered through the museum and saw the remains of England's oldest wheel, bronze swords, jewelery and axes, and some animal bones. It is rather good. A nice hot cup of tea was obtained at the visitor centre, and we were off.

Lunch was at the Jolly Sailor in Ramsey.
Lunch at the Jolly Sailor
Beer batter fish, hand-cut chips, and a half of Abbott's.

And so we arrived at the Rural Museum at Ramsey. It is stuffed full of old farm technology from the mid 1700s to the 1950s. I suppose that would be mid-1900s. There is a lot of domestic pieces, and it is all interesting.

And so after a nice, hot cup of tea, we were off. A quick trip to Grafham Water to let the Explorer get out his pith helmet and ray gun, and then back to Offord. Sheena took me via Buckden to look at the old Abbot's Palace - Buckden Towers - and then home to Offord. With a quick stop at Buckden Marina to get photos of narrow boats. And then home to Offord.
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