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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 110: Greene King IPA

Another IPA. I hope this is better. Maybe the strong cheese will help.

Greene King IPA

Pours a clear red amber with moderate carbonation. The head is small and white and fades slowly to a thin lace.

First Sip: Mild malts, mild hops, mild bitterness. The hops fade away quickly and don't hide the other flavours. Mouth-feel is smooth with a carbonation tingle.

I like this IPA. It's not too strong in taste and does not have the lingering bitterness or astringent taste that made the Eagle IPA such a disappointment. This is a nice beer - nice, not yummy - and would go down well on a really hot summer's day. It's a pity I haven't seen one of those.

My goodness... it does go well with a nice cave-matured cheddar though. The cheese cuts through the bitterness, and the beer quenches the extreme cheddarness.

And now the beer has warmed a little in the glass. I've changed my mind. This is yummy.

Greene King IPA
Greene King / Morland Brewery
3.6% Alc/vol
500ml bottle

Greene King IPA

Same again, sir? Yes, and bring the cheese board.
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