Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Day 19 - Launceston to Glastonbury

Today's Travels on Page 3.

The day was fine and cool and a great improvement over yesterday.

We left Mrs Robinson's at 8am, and headed south-west to Bodmin. I wanted to cross the wild, wind-swept Bodmin Moor to experience the remote area. What I got was a duel carriageway with no place to pull over to park for a photo. And so we reached Bodmin in comfort - buggerit - and turned north East.

We reached Tintagel Castel at 9.30, just as it opened. The wind was brisk and cold, but after the 1/2kn walk down to the entry gate I was quite warm. And then we walked up, and up, and over a bridge, and up some narrow, uneven slate stairs that went up, and then went up more.

And then we were in the lower reaches of the castle. We wandered around the ruins and headland for three hours. We were totally alone - apart from the six coach loads of French school kids. More arrived as we left.

Time is running short and we have a lot to see before we leave. I set the GPS and did a straight-ish run to Glastonbury, where we found a cheap room at a pub. I really would like to see more of Cornwall and Devon.

Tomorrow will be a long day of Bath and Wookey Holes and a long run to Offord.

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