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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Day 18 - Southampton to Launceston
Today's Travels on page 3.

The day started off cold and wet, and got worse. We visited the Titanic Museum in the centre of Southampton, and then headed West. The rain got heavier. Then it poured. Then it bucketed down. Then the buckets were included.

It was a miserable day for sight-seeing. I wanted to get some photos of Dartmoor but I didn't want to drown. Pub lunch at the White Hart at Wilmington. I had scampi & chips and a half-pint f Otter Bitter. It was a real ale, poured from a wooden cask behind the bar. It was yummy.

Eventualy we reached Launceston (pronounced "LAWN-ston") and a rather nice B&B run by Mrs Robinson.

Today was a wash-out as far as photos go. Many of the rivers we crossed - the Axe, the Otter, and others - have broken their banks. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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Dang, bro, you are getting around!

Ah, I wondered where she ended up after the plastics industry debacle of '74. Now we know!

PS: Rockin' great trip! :)

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