Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Day 17

Today's Travels on page 3.

Today dawned bright and sunny, so we hit the road early-ish. After the miserable weather yesterday made Stonehenge disappointing, we agreed that a second visit was in order. And what a difference nice weather made! We were almost the first to arrive and wandered the path around the site almost on our own. I took a lot of photos. Aaron took more.

We had reached the half-way point before the first three coach-loads of tourists piled on to the site. Even so, I managed to get photos with no one in shot.

And so after an hour or so, we headed off to Beaulieu to visit the National Motor Museum. It was rather good! So many old cars! And motor bikes! And then a visit to the ruined abbey.

We spent about 4 hours there, then headed for Southampton ad accommodation. Tomorrow we do the docks, then head West.

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