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Den's Journal

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UK Day 14
Today's Travels in black, on page 2

Steve & Sheena took us to Peterborough. Instead of driving in to town and looking for an expensive car park, we went to the Nene Valley Railway at Wansford and caught a steam train to Peterborough. That was the plan, anyway. The steam engine broke down (lost its lubrication systems) and had to be towed back to Wansford by the Class 56 diesel No.31108. /anorak

The trip was delayed by 30 minutes. We were given the full British Rail experience but with better food.

We arrived at Peterborough NVR without incident (and without steam, alas) and headed over the River Nene for the centre of town.

Last time I was here the bad weather trapped us in the band rotunda with a dixiland jazz band. Today the weather was nice - a sunny 8C - and so we just wandered around. The main square was very crowded, as you would expect on a day like this. There were teams of Morris Dancers taking turns to dance in front of the rotunda. Each team had their own uniform and colours, and the teams doing the Border Morris were in the traditional black face paint.

We watched a few rounds of the morris-off, and then hit the Cathedral. The old place is still as impressive as ever, and we wandered around the interior for some time.

Eventually it was time to head back to Peterborough NVR for the last train to Wansford. We picked up the car some time after 5pm, and took the back roads to Huntingdon and The Offords.
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Morris Dancers are fun. I could watch them all day. There's a group local to us that usually performs at the Medieval Faire and the botanical gardens Spring Garden Festival, as well as other miscellanious events.

Alas for the venerable steam locomotive.

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