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Day 13

Today's travels in purple, on page 2.

Another late breakfast, and then we headed for Colchester. Instead of taking the M11, I turned off near Cambridge and we drove the narrow minor roads though Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Essex, and reached Colchester around noon. I parked the car and we wandered through the narrow streets lined with shops to the Castle Museum.

The castle is built on the foundations of a Roman temple, and is now a museum housing artifacts dating from the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze, Iron and Roman ages. Colchester is on of those places you where can't dig a hole without hitting something Roman. It was one of the first towns the Queen of the Iceni, Boudica, burned during her revolt.

After many hours inside, we wandered back to the car. The day had turned from cool and sunny to cold and wet. It was a little late, but instead of heading directly home I wanted to call in at Greensted-juxta-Ongar to look at the ancient church, which was built in 1050 (+/- 50 years) by splitting oak logs in half and standing them on their ends. The new extension was added in the 1500s, and the new bell tower added in the 1600s. The main ody of the church is the oldest wooden building in Europe and the last Saxon log church.

And then we headed home. The M11 was a car park so Aaron navigate by road map(the GPS really wanted to get back on the M11) to take us on back roads through Bishop Stortford, Royston, and Caxton. Got home at 6.30pm.

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