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UK Trip Day 12

Today's Travels in light green (on page 2).

Aaron wanted a Day In. I headed off on my own. It was cold and wet, so I loaded my big coat and umbrella* into the Vauxhall and went East. I'd missed seeing Wells Next The Sea last week and I really wanted to see the beach and the North Sea. A minute of GPS programming later, I was on my way to find Peter Kingdom**

Traffic was moderate but the roads were wet. Almost everyone was driving safely. Near Kings Lynn I hit the end of a tail-back, so I turned left and headed into the bush. Fens, actually. A lot of very narrow roads later I reached Kings Lynn and bypassed the town, then headed for Wells by the most direct route.

It was lunch time when I reached the outer houses of Wells, and I spied a little pub: The Bowling Green. Time for some Scampi & Chips, and a half of bitter.

There were a couple of old chaps in the corner, talking loudly because they were both apparently hard of hearing. I munched on my scampi while the following boomed around the little pub:

Chap 1: I read Janet's book yesterday
Chap 2: What's she want a dog for?
C1: It's an excellent read.
C2: Good! As long as it's not one of them yappy things. What sort is it?
C1: It's about the Spanish Armada.
C2: A spaniel? I suppose that's okay.

I foresee a very confusing conversation in Janet's near future.

And so watered, fed, and amused, I reached the waterfront. The tide was out and the fleet were grounded on the sand banks or trapped in the channel. I wandered around the chandlers and gift shops for a little while before heading for the beach 2km away. About 300m from town it really started to rain so I returned to the car. I was so glad I had my coat and umbrella.

I drove to the beach instead. The tide was out, and the sea was a little strip of blue in the distance. When the tide comes in it crosses the sand faster than you can run. It's quite treacherous.

I set the GPS for Cromer, and went via Binham Priory, a ruined Benedictine priory built in 1079 by WIlliam The Conqueror's nephew, and pulled down by Henry VIII. It's now used as a parish church.

I had intended to visit the seaside pier at Cromer, but the rain was bucketing down. The pier is only 100m long but I could barely see the end.

And so I headed back to Offord Darcy for tea, and dinner of sausages and mash.

Have a trip through Offord Darcy. Aaron is doing most of the commentating. That background grind is the Vauxhall's diesel motor.

*I now own an umbrella. I am going Native.
** Or even better, Stephen Fry and a film crew.

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