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UK Day 7

Today's Travels

Had a nice long breakfast and then headed down to Duxford Air Museum to look at planes. Again.

It has changed quite a lot since our last visit 7 years ago. There is a new Hangar 1 which houses the cream of British Aerospace Technology. Concorde, TSR2, Blue Streak, a Harrier, Comet 4, and all sorts of planes from de Haviland, Avro, BAE, and other such companies.

The Battle Of Britain hangar has been re-vamped with more information boards (I discovered the filming of Battle Of Britain caused more damage to Duxford than the Luftwaffe ever did) and there is a recreation of the War Room as it stood in 1940. They have also erected a pre-fab bungalow that was used for emergency housing during the war.

The problem with having all the planes in hangars is that you can't get a good photo of one. But it means the old things will last longer.

I got to touch the SR71. (squee!)

Lunch was has at Wing Co. Joe's Tea Room. I had a chicken & ham pie. And tea. It was yummy.

And so after 5 hours we headed off home, diverting to visit Houghton Mill.. There has been a mill on this site since 970. THe current building was built in 1750, to replace the 1650s mill which burned. By the late 1700s the mill had 7 stones grinding and produced 1 ton of flour per hour.

Now they run the stones at 1/4 speed to reduce wear on the building. The building shakes when the stones run at full speed.

I took some photos of a narrow boat going through a lock, was nearly run down by mad cyclists, and watched a cabin cruiser almost make expensive noises when it tried to enter the lock sideways.

And so to Offord Darcy. Fish & Chips for dinner. mmmm.
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