Den (dewhitton) wrote,


Don: Can't see either side getting through to the Elite Eight, but what about Spain?
Bill: The Spaniards are definitely the sleeper in this group.
Don: Why a sleeper, Bill? The recent mini-invasion by the British navy toughened them up a bit?
Bill: No, their game against Australia is scheduled for just after lunch.
Don: Right. That puts the Aussies through to face Microsoft. It'll come down to managers in this one, with the wily Bill Gates up against... oh dear, John Howard.
Bill: Who?
Don: Exactly. Redmond in a romp.
Bill: Well, there will always be Crocodile Hunter on cable. So to sum up, we like India, Iraq, and Microsoft in this group, with Microsoft taking it all, if not immediately, then possibly later in court.

How does your country stack up in the UN MARCH MADNESS?

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