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UK Trip Day 4

Today's Travels in green.

Had a rather good egg-and-bacon breakfast, then we headed North toward King's Lynn. Our destination was a village called Castle Rising, which has a castle called Castle Rising Castle. The castle is a small ruined keep enclosed by high earth walls and a very deep dry moat.

From there we headed a short way North to Sandringham. The Queen wasn't in residence so we got to see inside. This was Aaron's first manor house. We spent several hours wandering the museum and gardens, then dropped by the tea shop for tea and nibbly things.

I wanted to visit Wells-Next-The-Sea because that was where Kingdom starring Stephen Fry was filmed. But we'd run out of time and I also wanted to see Blickling Hall. We arrived there at 3.50, about 10 minutes before the entry was closed. A relaxing hour of wandering the house and garden was had, and then we headed back to Offord Darcy.
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