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UK Travels Day 2

Today's Travels

Is there a way of changing the line colours on Google Maps? This will get confusing.


Today we popped down to Biggleswade to see the Shuttleworth Collection of old planes, cars and motorbikes. It's rather good. We spent three hours wandering the hangers. It's not very big but there is a lot there.

A pause in wanderings to raid the restaurant for tea and lunch (I had scampi & chips) followed by a leisurely wander around the Swiss Garden. (Why is it called a Swiss Garden? "Mr Shuttleworth saw a garden he liked in Switzerland, and decided to build one like it," said the lady.)

Our wanderings took us to the Raptor centre, where they do falconry demonstrations. We missed the owl demonstration (is it falconry if they use owls?) so we wandered around the raptor centre and looked at all the owls, eagles, hawks, kestrels, and buzzards. They had boobook owls! And one poor kookaburra gazing miserably at the rotten English weather. No wedge-tailed eagles, which was disappointing.

And the weather isn't real good. It reached 9C and drizzled a cold rain while we were at Shuttleworth. Steve & Sheena really felt miserable - and they're English! - I felt a bit cold and had to wear my grey woolly jumper. Aaron doesn't feel the cold. freak.

We called in to Tescos on the way home for food and drinks. I picked up some beers. Expect an Around The World edition of Around The World In 80 Beers.
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