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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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UK Day 1 - Arrival
So here I am in Baldock roadside services near Hitchin at the end of the A1(M), scarfing down a rather small English Breakfast and drinking really hot tea.

Flying Qantas Premium Economy was worth the expense; we arrived at Heathrow awake instead of feeling buggered. The food was better, the seats had leg room, and the service was better. I's basically what business class is like on domestic flights.

I arranged to hire a Mondeo but we were "upgraded" to a Vauxall Zafira - a largish soft-roader diesel burner. Not really happy but it has tons of room for four of us + luggage.

We'll hit the road for Offord Darcy once we have stuffed ourselves on proper food. Or, in Aaron's case, McDonald's.

Immigration gave me the third-degree... again. "Why are you here? (A wedding, and then holiday) What will you be doing? (touring) What is you job? (Magager if a small company) How did you get so much time off? (... uh, what? I'm the boss!) Who is running the company while you are here? (None of your bloody business, is what I felt like saying)"

My raygun made it through Customs, which is nice. Showers and more tea when we get to Steve & Sheen's, then a bit of rest.

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(Deleted comment)
"Apparently Customs officials have problems with tourists coming to spend money in their country...."

Fixed that for you.

Have fun here in Blighty... try not to vaporize too many of the natives!

I think I passed by more CCTV cameras on the run from Heathrow to St Neots than I have *ever* seen in Austraia. The Shell service station at Baldock had *16* cameras on the fuel court.

That's madness.

Welcome to the Panoptican, the UK has the most CCTV cameras of any country. The average person is caught on camera over 30 times a day.

Makes you wonder what, or whom, the authorities are afraid of.


Just had this experience myself, but fortunately it turned out well.

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