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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 107: Wingwalker Traditional Summer Wheat

Before I head off around the world...


Pours a pale, cloudy yellow with a very large, creamy head. The head fades away rapidly. The beer is too cloudy to see any carbonation.

First Sip: Malty, creamy, yeasty, quite citrusy. The after taste is a lingering orange-peel bitterness and a very faint hops. Carbonation feels more like a fuzz than a tingle on the tongue.

The after taste is nice, and seems to build after you swallow. The over-all taste is mild malt almost, but not quite, buried under the citrus. There is not a lot of interestingness going on here, and there is maybe a little too much yeast; the mouth feel is just a little too creamy for my taste.

Having said that, this is a highly drinkable brew and I think I could easily down a six-pack on a hot day. Oh look! It's 32C! That's rather hot.

Wingwalker Traditional Summer Wheat
R.J.King, New York
4.6% Alc/vol
355ml bottle

Winwalker 2

Same again, sir? Yes please!
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