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Den's Journal

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The Rings Of Earth

I suspect the gravitation of the Moon would kill the rings.

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That would depend on where the rings are, relative to the moon. The dark band in Saturn's rings is actually the orbit of a small moon, which has swept clear its orbit inside the rings. (Large asteroids clear similar, thinner bands in close to the planet.)

But I suspect the greater problem is earth's lack of gravity in comparison with Saturn. We simply don't have the mass to attract rings the way the gas giants do. Which makes one wonder, why Jupiter's rings are so small compared to the other gas giants, when it is the largest of them. Perhaps its gravity is too great?

Do you mind if I bring this up at the CTC?

Edited at 2012-04-03 12:04 am (UTC)

I don't mind at all. I'd do it now but I'm at work and have limited site access at the moment.

Thanks. I'll put it down in the internet forum, though I could probably sneak it in to 21CF. :)

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I strongly suspect that the unique gravitational pattern of the Earth/Moon system (our Moon is far closer to a companion planet than a "moon") would prevent rings from forming in the first place. But what puzzles me the most is, why did they choose "Ave Maria" - in German, not even in Latin - for the soundtrack?

It's a youtube video... probably that's the best they could do out of th available public domain music.

I thought it was a small computer-art project, and I figured they'd have access to a commercial royalty-free music library. Oh well.

Also, a ring system would probably wreck our ability to put up geostationary satellites.

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