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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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90 Mile Straight
Photos, art

Balladonia to Caiguna. Watch out for those corners.

See if you can guess when the radio started playing sport and I had to fire up the Zenbook to play MP3s.

1 frame per 2 seconds.

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If you ever had to explain to people about parallel lines and vanishing points, this would be the movie to show them.

How loud was the music so you could stay awake?

I played The Beatles so I could sing along. It's the only way to keep alert.

I have had numerous cars break down while I was singing in them. I have become somewhat superstitious about mechanical critics.

"Singing" is a bit optomistic. More like shouting in time.

I thought there weren't supposed to be any trees!

There are no trees on the Nullabor, but there are lots of trees elsewhere. Even in the centre where it's a sandy desert, you get trees.

And what's the speed limit?

110kph, but I was in a loaded ute so I stuck to 95 to 100.

Rocks and trees, and trees an rocks, and rocks and trees, and trees and rocks, and ... sand. ^_^

Wow. Reminds me of driving from Las Vegas to Reno last year -- nothing, and nothing, and still more nothing, and look over there, a whole LOT of nothing!

Miles And Miles of Bugger-All

This is the launch trailer for the world's most boring driving game, isn't it? :)

Grand Theft: Why Bother?

Miles and miles of miles and miles...

The iron assed bloke on the bike at ~1:30 is my Hero :)

There were many bikes on the road. I passed a bunch of trail bikers who had been puddle-bashing - they looked like red Mud Men from New Guinea.

That was pretty cool. You're one of the few other nations in the world that has this much open space.

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