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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Norseman and Eucla
Norseman is one of those sad country towns fading into history. There used to be gold but when that ran out, so did the people. Most of the shops are shuttered and closed, the cinema is a roofless shell, as is the take-away. The only place doing any business was the pub. Houses are separated by vacant blocks, some of which still have the rubble from the old house piled in the middle.

Eucla is a roadhouse, which means it's not a town as such. It is a service station/motel/tavern/caravan park complex. It looks like it was built in the early 80s. Everything is pale pinks, slate greys and wood paneling. It has a well-maintained, slightly shabby look to it.

Dinner last night was an over-sweetened pork-and-rice take-away, eaten in the motel room and washed down by diet coke.

Dinner tonight was crumbed Camembert starter, followed by pink snapper on a bed of mashed potatoes with green salad. Washed down by a bottle of icy cold Coopers Pale Ale. It was a welcome (but expensive) change from road-house food I've been eating for 2 days - even counting the surprise chilli sausage roll* at Belladonia.

If you are ever traveling through this area, seriously seriously seriously stop here.

Petrol is cheap, too. Only $1.80/litre.

*I bought a sausage roll, and didn't know it was a chilli sausage roll until after I stuffed the first mouthful in.

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I share your angst about the demise of small country towns in Australia. Especially given that it bumps people upstream toward the larger population centres. I wouldn't live in Sydney if I could find a stable job in a smaller community (though not one so sun-drenched as Dubbo :P)

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