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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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And so here I am in Sydney, Terminal 3, Gate 13, with an hour to kill.

I am doing this easily with a nice hot cup of tea that hasn't been brewed at 17,000 feet, and is therefore properly hot.

My new Asus Zenbook is rather nice. It weighs slightly more than a fondleslab, but has a proper screen and keyboard. It's a lot easier to lug around that the old compaq laptop.

The airport has a 4G connection so my dongle is super fast. I can't wait for the new system to make it out to where it is actually needed - ie everywhere outside a capital city. When I lost my 3G dongle in Perth on the last trip, Telstra replaced it free of charge because I have my landline and mobile with them. The 4g dongle has a better plan than the old 3G dongle, which is nice.

So. Flight from Dubbo.

Smooth, uneventful. Just the way I like it. We landed from the south which meant flying over Botany Bay. "Lunch" was an undientified baked product in cellophane that turned out to be a cube of quiche with a little too much crust. I washed it down with a moderately warm cup of tea, and finished off with a packet of dried fruits - banana chips, raisins, dried lemon cubes and... DRIED APRICOTS! YUM! Curse you, Qantas! You have discovered my kryponite and hid it in a packet of tasty dried fruit.

"Exuse me sir, you seem to be eating the whole packet of fruit at once. And the packet."


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Fondleslab. I'm going to use that one...

Safe voyage spectacled flying fox! Are you coming back via Syd?

Apricots? Hee! 8)
I like them too. Lucky!


I can picture this as a comic strip. :)

Superfast dongle, eh?
I'm sure I haven't had coffe yet...


The Asus Zenbook was my first choice until I held a Samsung Series 7 Slate. I went with the slate because I wanted something that could be a tablet as well as a laptop-type-thing, and it does both. But if it hadn't been for the slate, I'd probably have a Zenbook right now too.

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