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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Greetings from Perth, 1954!
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Those are some very pretty buildings. Do they still have trolleybusses?

I'm surprised the narrator doesn't have an Aus accent....

The trams and trolly busses were dumped in the mid-60s to improve the roads for cars. I think trolly busses are an excellent idea that should be more popular.

He does have an Australian accent - it's a wierd one used by broadcasters from the 30s to the mid-60s to sound more British and less Australian.

Ten years later the accent sounded like this:

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Aww, shame about the trams. In a very few cities here (two? three?) we've got trams back (of course lots of Europe never lost them in the first place), what are your chances?

Nice film anyway (and wow, they've made it look really pretty, but I guess that's what happens with promotional films). The open source project that I work on some of the time has its HQ in Perth, so I passed this on to them, in case they haven't seen it. :)


The Perth of today is so very different from the Perth of 58 years ago.

Melbourne has always had Trams. Sydney had trams until 1965, and then built a new line around the city centre in the early 90s. Perth now has an excellent suburban train system but no trams.

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Such a peaceful, happy land it was!
Not like todays polluted, crumby atmosphere!
Even the animals look clean.

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A lot of the buildings in this movie as still there, but the center of the city is full of skyscrapers.

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