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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Road Raged
You wouldn't think you'd find Road Rage in Dubbo.

Driving home from work this arvo along Myall St, as I always do, I was passed on the left ie outside by a car going a bit faster than me (and the speed limit). Passing on the left isn't against the law here but it is a bit dangerous.

He crept in front until I was level with his tail lights. Anyway we reached a T intersection running off to the left and I saw his left indicator start. Ok. He was turning left. I wasn't.

I noticed a movement. Just visible through the other car's windscreen I saw one of the cars queueing on the side soad pull out, and the lady was looking to her left while I was on her right. I jambed on my brakes. The car beside me turned left. The lady in the other car looked right, saw me and slammed on her brakes, screeching to a halt. I would have t-boned her on the driver's door if I hadn't already been almost stopped.

We sat in shocked silence for a moment.

Ok. Now we get to the bit I don't understand.

She got out of her car, stormed over to my car, and screamed "YOU WERE DRIVING TOO FAST! DON'T YOU KNOW THE FUCKING SPEED LIMIT? I'M REPORTING YOU TO THE POLICE!"

The she got back in her car and drove off.

I'm still a bit shaken. Sheesh.

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Well no one really got hurt so all's well. We get road rage here in the US all the time or just simply crazy things on the road. In fact on the way to work today I saw something incredible. On the left side there was a SUV stopped with its blinkers on, and someone just sittign staring at this Dodge Neon which was hanging from its rear wheel on TOP of the 5 foot tall highway divider pointed the towards the traffic. The driver was ok and was talking on his cell phone, but he was white as a sheet. His car looked to have rolled a few times too since it looked like pop can that had been kicked around a few times. No idea how the hell he walked away from that one.

I've also had a lot of people do stuff like give me the finger and such but the worst was this one van. He got behind me and wanted ME to move for him. He had wide open space to the right on a 3 lane highway, so he could have passed. But no, instead he tailgates me then puts his brights on to try to force me away. So I tilted the mirror then opened the sun roof and flipped him off. He got closer then and started flashing them. So I started slowing down, by god he was going to learn not to intimidate people like that. I got down to 30MPH and he finally moved, he went right then suddenly comes flying at me from the right. I floored it and he missed me by inches. He tried to RAM me! He then started tailgaiting again, I opened my glove compartment to get a pen to write down his plate. He must have thought I was going for a gun or something because he suddenly peeled right again and nearly hit several other people to get away from me. Geez.. what an asshole!

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