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Road Raged

You wouldn't think you'd find Road Rage in Dubbo.

Driving home from work this arvo along Myall St, as I always do, I was passed on the left ie outside by a car going a bit faster than me (and the speed limit). Passing on the left isn't against the law here but it is a bit dangerous.

He crept in front until I was level with his tail lights. Anyway we reached a T intersection running off to the left and I saw his left indicator start. Ok. He was turning left. I wasn't.

I noticed a movement. Just visible through the other car's windscreen I saw one of the cars queueing on the side soad pull out, and the lady was looking to her left while I was on her right. I jambed on my brakes. The car beside me turned left. The lady in the other car looked right, saw me and slammed on her brakes, screeching to a halt. I would have t-boned her on the driver's door if I hadn't already been almost stopped.

We sat in shocked silence for a moment.

Ok. Now we get to the bit I don't understand.

She got out of her car, stormed over to my car, and screamed "YOU WERE DRIVING TOO FAST! DON'T YOU KNOW THE FUCKING SPEED LIMIT? I'M REPORTING YOU TO THE POLICE!"

The she got back in her car and drove off.

I'm still a bit shaken. Sheesh.

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