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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Writer's Block: Super Bowl Sunday
Which team are you rooting for?

Australia. India don't have a chance. Even though Brett Lee broke a toe we have a nice depth is bowing. Plus, India is at about the position Australia was in back in the mid 80s when a lot of internationals retired, leaving poor Kim Hughes captaining a very green team, except in India's case they are a team of internationals who really *should* retire.

Also, I don't follow local matches.

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I find it odd that the Indian team is so damn. Pathetic? terrible? even the 20/20 format they suck at, and they're the ones attracting international players to their 'local league'

Mind you, That could just be because the internationals have control over who's in and out, and they've turned into an old boys club (Tanduker anyone? yeesh)

No-one is more suprised, annoyed and bitterly dissapointed than the Indian guys at work. Not that the rest of us help any! :-D

To be honest tho, I was hoping India would have a great season. Would have loved to have seen Tendulkar break the record.

Assitis Savantis, you has it.

Just sayin' :P

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