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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Sounds like this:

The foam box keeps them warm at night without requiring additional heating.

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What a horrid sound to come out of such cute little things!!

They are complaining about being starved to death and never being fed ever.

Did you lose one? :( Or was your icon supposed to count for the fifth?

The icon is just a generic Peewee Entry icon.

:( :( I'm sorry. It sucks to lose small and mostly-helpless bits of bone and skin and attitude. Even the noisy demanding ones.

Wow, earplugs definitely required for that job.

How often do you feed them?

About every 15 minutes, or when the squawking become insistent.

(Deleted comment)
Not so much "to me" as "at me."


That's definitely a hook-in-your-brain sound! Feeeeeeeed me!

oy...I played that and my BF started saying "Turn it off! Turn it off!" Definitely a horrid noise out of such cute babies.

What are you feeding them?

A mix of raw mince, boiled eggs and insectivore supplements.

Beef mince presumably. You wouldn't want them to develop a taste for that though. I can just see the headlines: "Extra-terrestrial involvement suspected in mysterious cases of cattle torn to shreds in field."

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