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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Australia Day
To celebrate Australia day, the local council decided to deal with the Menace Of Peewees by chopping down a tree.

And as is traditional with events like this, Someone has to look after the chicks.



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One hungry, two hungry, three hungry peewees....

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(Deleted comment)
Magpies are also a problem, but these peewees are nesting in front of Centro where there are hundreds of people.

How long would it be before they run out of trees to chop down anyway, or do they import?

~On The Day Of Australia the council gave to me.....three...homeless peewees! Poor little birds they got screwed they chopped down the tree...and the peewees got given to ME!~

Not ME, but it's sung to The 12 Days of Christmas. XD

Good thing for them that there are someones like you!

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