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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Bugger - the extended version
Driving to work this morning started out so well! It was a mild summer morning - only 28C - and sunny. There was a line of traffic on Cobborah Rd, the residue traffic jam caused by a train that had just passed the level crossing. I stopped about a car length from the end of the queue, and glanced in the mirror at the little Hiace van that has stopped about 3 metres behind me.

I concentrated on the traffic in front, just chilling out to Steely Dan and relaxCRUMP.

The car jolted forward a little. I looked in the mirror in shock. The Hiace was right up my arse.

I sat there for a good 30 seconds, not in shock but in disbelief. My car was almost New! It had only done 9000km!

And so I pulled over onto the hard shoulder, feeling more than a little miffed. I was almost cross. Cranky, even.

I got out of the car and watched the Hiace pull in behind me. That was when I saw a Mitsubishi 380 with a very flattened front that started right where the Hiace ended. The driver managed to pull over behind the Hiace, but that was as far as that car would be going today. Debris on the road included the Hiace's spare wheel, which is usually chained in place under the van. The impact had shaken it loose.

I looked at the Hiace driver. He looked at me. I said "Well, fuck." He nodded.

I went to the Mitsubishi driver and asked if she was okay. She was, but a little shaken.

At that point everyone go on the phone and called various people and/or insurance companies. We all exchanged details, a tow truck arrived for the Mitsubishi, and I took photos of the damage to the Lexus.

And then I drove to work.

The damage doesn't look like much at first, but the bumper bar deformed enough to put marks on the hatchback. I don't know what damage has been done to the mountings or the reinforcing put in for ANCAP and NCAP tests.

Now I have to deal with the inconvenience of not having a car while it's repaired. If only it was some sort of self-repairing vehicle.

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That sucks. I was the "filling" in one of those sandwiches shortly after I moved to Houston, and it totaled my car. And the driver of the car that hit me took off on foot, leaving his nickel bag on the front seat, and of course the car was "reported stolen" about 10 minutes later.

Sorry to hear that mate. Hopefully it won't require a lot of time or money to repair.

Oh, poo. At least no one was injured severely.

Here's hoping the car is repaired correctly, and that you get a loaner/rental while that is happening.

Your insurance won't pay for a rental?

I think her insurance will.

Argh & bugger indeed. Sorry 'bout that. Doesn't your insurance company provide a replacement while the main vehicle is being fixed? Just read the comment above.

Edited at 2012-01-18 10:56 pm (UTC)

The nice thing is that her insurance company has accepted liability, so I don't pay for excesses.

Sorry, been out of the loop on LJ the past month. Sucks, man :-( Hope it's fixed quickly.
But you know the freaky thing? I forget the timing difference here, but apparently this happened RIGHT after I had a verrrrrrrry narrow miss. Like probably inches. So apparently last week was a bad one for CT's o.0

It's them non-hybrid owners. They have it in for us because our are better.

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