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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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CT the Lexus has been rear-ended. It has only done 9000km.

Luckily we were car no.3 in a 3 car pile-up - the bloke behind me took most of the damage. More info to come after I've written up the insurance report.

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You weren't injured hopefully.

Not at all! It was a very comfy prang.

Ouch, Poor you.

Least You're comfortably not-in-hospital or anything

On the flip side, It's likely that there's little chance you'd be denied the insurance, but still, Bugger.

Ugh! Glad you weren't hurt.

the horrible part of dealing with an accident in which you were not hurt, is having to do without the car while the insurance companies dither about and take over a week to send out an assessor.

this was what really annoyed me about Debbie having an accident in my car a couple of weeks before christmas - having to wait while they fixed it, and catching public transport to work and home each day.

At least you are ok. That's the important thing.

Oh, bugger indeed! Glad you're OK!

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