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Den's Journal

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US Elections
I don't normally get into discussions about the relative merits of US Presidents, partly because I'm one of them Damn Forners, but mainly becuase every US President has turned into Just Another US President. From a foreign perspective, President Obama is not very different from President Bush, and Bush was not much different from President Clinton.

Has Romney changed his stance since 2007? Is he still willing to put seriously ill people in gaol? Is he any different from all the other candidates - Democrats included - or is he just the one unlucky to get caught on video?

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"Caught" is the wrong word. He was recorded.

What is it about medical marijuana that so freaks out the lawmakers and conservatives?

Here in Aus we have licenced opium growers. No one freaks out about it.

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A lot of people I chat to on here require pain management, and they are often treated like junkies at pharmacies. It's madness.

My heart sinks at the incomprehensible partisanship and lack of humanity on the part of those who seek public office, and particularly of those who rise to the top. I think Romney's basically a good man at heart, but I take issue with a number of his policies... and this last bit was heart-wrenching. How hard would it have been to say "I don't believe in medical marijuana... but I'll do my damndest to find a solution that works for everyone." I guess things like that are not what attracts campaign donations.

I'm very saddened by this.

This is what I was thinking. How hard would it be to talk about a compromise? Romney's position in the video shows a total lack of compassion and humanity. I couldn't vote for someone like that.

That video is 4 years old. Has he changed at all? And are *all* the candidates taking this position? If they are, then it's unfair to target Romney.

As I said to KW above, we have licenced opium growers here. No one freaks out about it. Hemp growers are having a bit of a hard time from the Police, but they don't face 25 years in gaol. Medical maujuana is a misdemeanor, non-criminal recording *if* there is a conviction. There are no votes won by supporting total prohibition.

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The people whose votes he's courting also have a total lack of compassion and humanity, so for him to display any would be political suicide. His latest "scandal" is that somebody dug up one of his old campaign posters from 2002, when he was squarely on the side of civil rights for gays. Now he's trying to repudiate it.

Such is the state of the Republican Party in America.

The same guy asked Ron Paul the same question:

I don't know enough about the candidates, but Ron Paul seems to talk the most sense here. (Of course, he could be a total nut job on all other policies)

Yes, he's a total wackaloon. He wants to put the US back on the gold standard and abolish racial anti-discrimination laws, just for starters.

He's also 79 years old, which IMO should be enough to disqualify him right there. Being POTUS is one of the most stressful jobs in the world... and do we really want another Reagan, with attendant early-stage Alzheimer's?

I think Romney's basically a good man at heart, but

I used to think he was basically a good man until I read story about how he strapped his dog to the roof of his car and then drove for 13 hours nearly nonstop. When one of Romney's sons saw dog poop oozing down the back window, Mitt Romney stopped the car, hosed off the dog and car, and then kept on driving. What kind of heartless person would do that to a dog? There are humane ways to drive for several hours with a dog which don't require strapping one to the roof a car.

That story is so far removed from anything that I think it's insane for the pundits, pandits, scandal-mongers and roflrazzi to try to make anything out of it. First, it was 25 years ago. No matter how smart, everyone looks at the world through different sunglasses. I think it's entirely possible for Romney to have thought at the time that the dog would be perfectly fine up there, especially with a windshield to block the airflow - after all, dogs are notorious for enjoying a ride with their head out of the car window anyway. So now you've got a poopy dog in the middle of a road trip. What do you do... At least cleaning the dog off was kinder than letting it sit in its own filth for the duration of the trip.

Was it kind? Probably not the best option. Was it cruel? I don't think he had any intention of tormenting the dog. A single judgment of this nature is by no means sufficient evidence to look into the man's heart and tell me he's not a fit father, a fit human being or a potentially fit president. My experience is that people are using this to make far too much political hay. My two penn'orth - and I'd feel the same way if the story had been about Obama.

The story about the dog on the car roof was not the first story about Mitt showing no empathy or consideration for others. The video clip above is not the only time I saw Mitt showing no empathy or consideration for others' needs. There are plenty more videos and stories which show Mitt's true self.

How many more stories and video clips of Mitt acting heartless will it take for people to ask why Mitt doesn't give a shit about people. At least not real people - he seems to go out of his way to avoid hurting the feelings of those fake people - the corporations.

The best I can say is that I'm watching, and try to stay open to new information. We're pretty short on viable alternatives here.

If a politician of either party says something that isn't 'party line', then the wacko wings pounce and label him as not of their party. People seem to think that's a death knell for a political career, because it's usually the wings that get politicians through the caucuses... the center of the party and the moderates, however, are the ones who get politicians elected. I wish that they paid more attention during the early stages.

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After forty years when will they admit that they have lost "the war" and start "peace talks".

American politics are schizophrenic. It seems like everyone says we want X. Whether it be in regards to healthcare or education or anything else. The politicians seem to vote for the complete opposite.

My former partner passed away four years ago. He spent his final weeks in St Vincents Hospice, Sydney. Although the doctors could not prescribe medical marijuana several of the patients including my partner smoked openly on a specially reserved balcony. Morphine was available on demand.

The staff were always incredibly supportive and understanding.

I now live in a country where opium cultivation is still widespread. While it is illegal and can incur the death penalty for trafficking it is also a traditional medicine in remote areas where medical services are virtually non-existent. In these areas it is smoked mostly by the elderly who grow it in small quantities for personal use as a palliative against the agues of old age.

The govt appears to have a flexible and enlightened policy when it comes to this traditional use.

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A video for you on the subject (from the last presidential election), good for a laugh and yet quite accurate at times. http://sendables.jibjab.com/originals/time_for_some_campaignin

Also, please remember that no matter what a president-to-be might promise, he's not the one who writes the laws. That's Congress, which is pretty much universally loathed. The President just happens to be a handier scapegoat for the press.

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