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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Ping craftydebs
Is everyone okay? How is the house holding up?

(Ref: Christchurch hit by 4 x >5mag earthquakes today)

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We are all a bit shaken but ok. Luckily these ones hit while everyone was in Sefton so I didn't have to do the big panic about if everyone was ok, particularly David as he works over the bad side of town. David and Dean down playing tennis but I figured they were out in the open so should be safe. No extra damage that we can see at this stage to the house. Talked to Mum and Dad and they seem to be ok. David Reid had to rescue Zealia from a falling speaker but all good. Pete and Tash are over in Aus visiting Tashes relies luckily as I think their place will have been hit bad again. My Mother in laws is just up the road from theirs and she had everything fall down inside again and more liquafaction in her back yard. My 3 kids were rather shaken. Jaime and Dean in particular. Had a number of tears and requests to go and stay in Timaru at a friends house. I think if their passports had been up to date they would have been bugging us to go over to Oz. They had settled down by about 10.30pm and all managed to sleep in their own beds so all was good. They also didn't jump out when we had a few smaller aftershocks during the night. I am well and truely over them. Everyone was just starting to feel positive and now we have taken 10 big steps backwards...... grrrrrrrrrrr.

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