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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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A View From A Donger
Photos, art
Castle Camp

Sun on a hill behind Castle Camp, where my donger was. Crappy phone photo taken at 5am.

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That's some very red earth!

A donger is a room in a transportable cabin. The cabins have up to 6 rooms, each with their own bathroom and a/c. It made staying on site bearable.

Ah! Yes I'm familiar with them, just not that particular word.

One of our former clients was The Mac Services Group who provided surprisingly sophisticated temporary dwellings to mine workers (when I say "former client" they didn't leave us voluntarily; they were taken over by a larger company. Tch!)

I've looked back a few days through your LJ but I couldn't determine why you were out at one?

(At least now I know why you haven't been on Skyrates since 30-Oct :P)

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