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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Home from Work
Mad Science
Finished up the last few jobs before the End Of Year, then came home. Tomorrow I head to Port Maquarie to have a very sea-foody Christmas with the family.

One of the last jobs was to set up an ozone tester. The company has a new ozone unit that generates 50g of ozone per hour. We needed to see how good it works so we set up the unit with a test pump, piped it to a 1kl tank, then filled the tank with 900 litres of water, 1kg of lawn fertilizer, and a generous shovel full of pigeon poo, and let it stew in a warm shed.. That should be nicely stinky by the time we return on the 3rd. Then we will fire up the unit and see how long it takes to kill the smell - no smell = no anaerobic bacteria.

Hopefully the Police won't break into the shed looking for a body.

Note to steve3: We will have to cover the tank outlet or we'll gas ourselves with ozone.

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I don't know much about the use of ozone except for it being used as a chlorine substitue in pool water for subduing bacteria. Is that similar to what is going on here? What's the intent of a 50g/hour ozone generator?

Ozone has the same effect as chlorine: it's an oxidiser. The advantage is that you can make ozone from atmospheric oxygen with the only consumable being electricity. We use the ozone as a disinfectant, but the advantage is that it also oxidises hydrocarbons and also causes cyanide residues (from gold extraction) to precipitate out of solution. Chlorines can't do that.

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