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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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So here I am. (somewhere)

Paraburdoo Airport is a long runway - long enough to land a 717 - and a small tin shed that serves as a terminal. Baggage claim is a help-yourself affair at the luggage trolly. Then came a 1 hour drive to site, some of that was on a sealed road. Most of it was a gravel track full of corrugations.

I wasn't allowed to bring a camera to site, which is a bugger. It's an interesting country with the red iron ore showing between the green-grey vegetation. Large red boulders polished to a deep red by time have broken away from the surrounding cliffs and lay amongst the spinifex. And everywhere are tall termite mounds.

The crib food is not bad, for camp food. It's free and there is plenty. My donger is very small*, but clean and air conditioned. I even have an en-suite, which is nice.


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all this talk about dongles and dongers makes you sound a wee bit obsessed.


(and yes, the pun was intended)

it's always nice to have a clean and cool donger, dude. i've lived in India....trust me.

Hooo-leee $#!+(!)

Your mine is in what's left of a meteor crater!

Nice middle of nowhere you've found yourself. At least it has internet and A/C.

cool, shame about the camera but not unusual.
i have been lucky enough that the mines i have visited before were within driving distance of a town with a hotel.
keep an eye out for fossils while you are there, but dont tell anyone on site if you find any.

No camera allowed? Why not? I see more and more places doing that now too and its pissing me off...

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