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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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(no subject)
Bugger. I left my dongle at Perth Airport. Luckily the camp has wifi. Even so, bugger. Now I need a new one.

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Can you call them and see if it's been handed in / picked up?
I could try to swing out there tomorrow after work if you needed it picking up / posting somewhere...

No phone on site (I'm in the Pilbara.) I'll be back in Perth on Thursday so I'll ask then.

It's a fun end of the world that.
I lived in Karratha when I was a kid and Dad was on the NW Gas Shelf platforms and I've worked in Leinster and Wiluna.

(somebody had to say it...)
no dongle in the donger, eh?

This is another reason I have a phone that generates a wifi hotspot. I'm far less likely to loose that. Dunno if Australia has such things, or if they're not economically helpful, though.

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