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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Second Breakfast
It appears that there are 7 food shops in the Departure Area that sell multiple versions of coffee. Tea appeared in the form of a teabag dangled in a paper cup. I wandered around aimlessly until I passed a small, dark cafe. The smell of bacon drifted around me as I looked at the menu.

Stomach: FOOD!
Body Clock: LUNCH!
Brain: oh come *on!* We had a huge healthy and free breakfast at the motel. You filled up on Sultana Bran and skim milk, remember.
Stomach: BACON!
Eyes: Look at that!
Brain: TEA!

And so I had a medium sized second breakfast of poached eggs (YAY!) on toast (YAY!) and Bacon (YAY!) with the fat cut off (awww) and a large mug of steaming hot tea (YAY!). It was a tea bag (awww) but it was a Twinings tea bag. (mmmmm Nigella Lawson)

I still have 2 hours to boarding time, but I am well stuffed and will not require much food on the plane.

Yesterday's flight from Sydney to Perth was bearable. The plane was an older 767 with the centre aisle projector entertainment system that wobbled with turbulence. My headset wasn't working properly ( I *knew* I should have brought my Sennheiser headset) so I read Black Dogs pt2, by Ursula Vernon. The bloke sitting next to me read stuff on his iPad and didn't want to talk. Which was nice.

I think I may be the last person in the western world to own NO iGadgets of any sort. I don't even have an iTunes account.

The food on yesterday's flight was rather good. Not "rather good for airline food." It was braised chicken and couscous and was rather good.

Qantas does do rather good food on its long domestic flights.

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I have no iThingies (no iTunes either), so there are at least two of us. :D

I'm rather impressed they feed you on flights down there.

Twinings is good... and are there restaurants that actually present tea as something other than bags? I mean, unless you want to sit and wait for them to steep it...

You had better make that three of us with no iThingies, much to my brothers disgust (and the kids)

Another person with no iDevices.
(though I do have an iTunes account. Only due to receiving an iTunes card in a contest, however)

I'd rather buy my MP3 players from Samsung.
(I can't trust Apple, Microsoft, or Sony for this sort of thing, and I got tired of my last RCA player)

I don't have an iAnything either... but I do have a nifty new Android tablet my sweetie got me for my birthday, which might be compared to an iPad.

I wouldn't have an iPhone if it weren't for the fact that I'm in the biz and need it as a testing platform. I'd probably still have my ancient cell phone with the telescoping antenna.

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