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Was LiveJournal down for you?
This is getting predictable.

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I think they need to come up with a few more blogging setups. Have something as a backup.

They need to split the servers into "Russian" and "Everyone Else."

It would benefit us, but there's also the saying "Out of sight, out of mind." The DOS attacks are a good reminder that not all is well in Mother Russia; LiveJournal outages could be could be the canary in the coal mine for Western-Russian relations for the next few years.

Also, as far as SUP is concerned Russia is the primary market and Everywhere Else is a bonus.

That would be true, if western governments gave a Fig Newton about LiveJournal.


I was thinking more of its non-Russian users, actually.

In that case, the governments of the West must give a Fig Newton about the will of their own people. Le sigh.

Giving the Russians their own would help tremendously. It's great that LJ is providing a rich forum for Russians to blog politically, but the owners should find a way to keep the rest of the world online its getting hacked over there. Yes, I couldn't beyond my opening page for several hours on Sunday.

Not down, just painfully sluggish. A Russian election, huh? That explains that. *sigh*

I like the map of election fraud idea. There should be one for the US as well.

Живой журнал не работала.

Мне очень нравится это. Это означает, политиков боятся, и они делают глупые вещи. Если политики продолжают делать глупые вещи, люди станут в ярость и наказать их.

Я люблю быть связан с этим.

Yeah, it was down for me, too. But I actually enjoy it?

It means someone is scared enough to do stupid things that will get EVERYONE pissed off at the ones doing the stupid things.

And then the scared ones will have a REAL reason to be scared.

I wish Russians would take up Twitter. Not that I know anything about how this in-tar-web stuff works, but I would love to see THAT go down for a day. Hee.

(Deleted comment)
That was my first thought. "LJ is down. What is happening in Russia? Oh, elections."

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